Chocolate & Business

Bachelor's degree
Duration: 3 years
Taught in
100% French or 100% English

Next available session: September 2020

The "Chocolate & Business" Bachelor's degree is designed to train qualifed entrepreneurs in the chocolate sector. It draws on the strengths of the Galileo Global Education Group, which includes many renowned schools in the domains of management, marketing, creative arts and communication.

The particularity of this training is that it takes a "bean to bar" approach, providing our students with a wide scope of knowledge, from artisan techniques to the agronomics of cocoa (regional and vintage) cocoa tasting, fostering the discovery and protection of ancient cocoa varieties.

Throughout their training, students are placed in a practical industry context. Taking into account current applicable legislations, they are tasked with designing their own line of products, from packaging to pricing, including shop design and promotional strategies. It is also compulsory that the students devise and implement a print and digital marketing strategy (animate social media, management of communication tools, and customer care).

The strengths of the training

  • Location in a city known for its gastronomy and the quality of its local products
  • High-end infrastructure: 16 students per laboratory maximum, ergonomic workplan favoring exchange between students, advanced equipments
  • Intensive course: 7 hours of classes per day in the laboratory
  • Recognized faculty
  • Cross-curricular teaching (management, design, marketing, dietetics, hygiene) allowing students to become independent professionals
  • 5 months Internship per year in a company
Bachelor Chocolat


  • Intensive practical laboratory training (300h/year)
  • Marketing / Management (in partnership with ESG business schools): to forge and sharpen your entrepreneurial skills
  • Nutrition and health: to target the nutritional balance of culinary creations
  • Biochemistry: to know and identify the properties of a food and keep all its flavor
  • Culinary design (in partnership with LISAA school of design): for the ultimate search for visual and taste beauty
  • Digital training (in partnership with Digital Campus): to master social networks and improve the projection capacity of the taste experience
  • History of gastronomy: for the transmission of the French culinary tradition
  • Design / styling: for monitoring trends and highlighting products
  • Foreign languages: for the international ambitions of the artisans of tomorrow
  • Soft skills (in partnership with Cours Florent): to enrich students' relational skills
  • Company internships (280h/year)

Theoretical and practical knowledge

  • Tempering chocolate (chocolate tempering methods, tabling, seeding), moulding and making commercial arrangements (moulding techniques, chocolate cutting, chocolate spraying), creation of chocolate decorations (chips, fans, strips, openwork decorations, thickened chocolate), introduction to artistic chocolate pieces
  • Chocolate confectionery: manual coating techniques and chocolate filling; making ganaches to coat, mould, sculpt; ganaches infused with fruit, butter, alcohol, truffles; fillings made from praline, marzipan, fondants; two-layer confectionary and fruit jelly; canapés and snacks; introduction to automatic machine coating and coating chocolate balls
  • Confectionery: French pink pralines, nougat, caramels, berlingots, marzipan, pralines, gianduja, marshmallows, candied fruits, fruit jellies, jelly candies
  • Creative chocolate pieces: cutting chocolate, spraying subjects, modelling
  • Chocolate decorations: elaborate techniques of chocolate decoration
  • Chocolate-based pastries: desserts, classic and modern pies, cakes

Our teaching team

zakari benkhadra
Zakari Benkhadra
Managing Director
zakari benkhadra
A graduate of Assas and Georgetown University (Washington), Zakari Benkhadra has worked for internationally renowned companies such as Générale des Eaux, Vivendi and Unibail-Rodamco. In 2007, Alain Ducasse entrusted Zakari with the general management of his education division, which included ENSP - École Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie. He created the first CAP professional retraining qualification in Pastry in French and English, followed by the first Bachelor’s course as well as various intensive short bilingual programmes. In 2018, thanks to his collaborations with the greatest chefs, he founded the Salon de la Pâtisserie in Paris.

kyung ran baccon
Kyung Ran Baccon
Executive Pastry Chef
kyung ran baccon
World Pastry Championship silver-medallist (SIGEP Rimini 2012), finalist Pastry Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Artisan of France) in 2015, trained in fine arts and sculpture in South Korea, graduated with a CAP, BP, BM in pastry with honors from INBP in Rouen. Kyung Ran Baccon has worked as a pastry sous-chef for Joël Robuchon's two Michelin-starred restaurants in Las Vegas, has been an instructor in major hotels and a consultant to several international companies (in Saudi Arabia, South Korea and China).

Admission école de pâtisserie


This program is open to candidates with strong motivation and to people with previous work experience (job seekers, those changing careers...).


An application request must be made through the website. Within the next 48 hours, the candidate will receive an invitation for an interview, either in person or video-conference (Skype). The candidate will be informed about the results following the interview.


A registration form will be sent to successful applicants. The form must be filled and returned to Institut Culinaire de France within 30 days, along with required documentation.

Visa application

Once his admission is confirmed, the candidate will be issued an acceptance letter. This letter is required for his visa application in the French consulate in the applicant’s respective country. According to French law, any stay longer than 90 days requires a long-term visa. However, depending on his nationality, a visa may be required for any length of stay. This procedure might take a considerable amount of time. Therefore, we advise the future students to start their visa application upon the receipt of their acceptance letter.