Values & Goals

A note from the director of Institut Culinaire de France, Damien Julia

To share knowledge and encourage self-expression

« As Managing Director, my goal is to foster excellence in artisanal crafts that also require managerial skills, knowledge and know How, while simultaneously, nurturing each student's creativity.  In all artisanal crafts, there is a transfer of knowledge from teacher (artisan) to apprentice. In the culinary arts, there is also peer-to-peer knowledge-sharing which allows for a very effective pooling of skills

Seeking excellence by raising the standard of French culinary savoir-faire/ know how. Fueling the quest for flavor perfection, elevating the standards of the French bakery, pastry and Chocolate crafts, thus creating added value across all artisanal culinary professions.

Damien Julia, Managing Director of Institut Culinaire de France

Institut Culinaire de France is a beacon of the French artisanal craftsmanship, which is world renowned. The Institute’s quest excellence in refined flavors and quality will allow us to pass the torch from generation to generation.

Matching employment supply and demand

With over 200,000 jobs (source: Dares 2014), the hospitality industry (specifically hotel & restaurants) is one of the main employers in France (14% of total jobs created). Yet employers struggle to find suitable candidates. This year, there is an excess of 20,000 vacancies.

In just over two years, the hospitality (restaurant) sector has experienced a hiring loss of almost 10%. However, catering remains a flourishing industry, with many vacancies, actually ranked in the top 10 most sought-after occupations in 2017.

Institut Culinaire de France aims to enable young people in need of training to find a fulfilling job afterwards, also keeping up with market trends. On the other hand, helping employers to find appropriate candidates. How would we achieve this goal? Through training capsules that are both operative and interdisciplinary, and through intensive and practical educational support provided by active professionals.

We would like to train Food’preneurs (entrepreneurs in the food business) to enable them meet the real needs of the industry by offering a clear path towards real problem solving, thus creating businesses and fostering employment in the sector.

Damien Julia, Managing Director of Institut Culinaire de France

Offering interdisciplinary training with a solid base in managerial and creative skills

All programs in Institut Culinaire de France are rooted in the same philosophy: discipline coupled with high standards are the stepping stone towards excellence. Mastering each technical skill, practicing in real work situations, acquiring managerial skills, fostering creativity, etc. 

The educational methods of Institut Culinaire de France allows our graduates to access a one-of-a-kind expertise, leading to fulfilling and diverse career paths: from the baking and pastry arts to working in starred restaurants, in France and abroad."