Institut Culinaire de France is a private higher education school training in the fields of French cooking, pastry and baking.

Thanks to the transversality of its teaching and the quality of its practice in laboratories, the institute trains all its students in the same educational triptych: high-level technical mastery, creative sense and the affirmation of an entrepreneurial posture.

Ecole de Pâtisserie à Bordeaux
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Pierre Hermé is appointed Chairman of the Education Committee at Institut Culinaire de France
Pierre Hermé Président du comité pédagogique d'Institut Culinaire de France
17 June 2020

Pierre Hermé appointed Chairman of the Education Committee at Institut Culinaire de France

Pierre Hermé has been appointed Chairman of the Institut Culinaire de France Education Committee. With immense know-how and infinite creativity, the “Picasso of Pastry” as he is described by US Vogue, will, from September 2020, supervise student programmes at the new school of...

Kyung Ran Baccon - Institut Culinaire de France
13 November 2019

Kyung Ran Baccon: "It takes a strong mindset to become a pastry chef"

Vice-world champion in pastry and semi-finalist of the 2015 Meilleur Ouvrier de France Pastry competition, Kyung Ran Baccon is a true globetrotter. Originally from South Korea, she has worked in Saudi Arabia, Las Vegas and Seoul. Today, she is Executive Pastry Chef at Institut Culinaire de...

Sophie de Benardi - dessert - ICF
26 November 2019

Sophie de Bernardi: "Social media showcases pastry as an art, with aesthetics, flavours and colours"

At the helm of Café de la Paix in Paris, Sophie de Bernardi creates modern, floral pastries, enhancing fruit flavours with plant aromas. We take a look at her culinary signature and her vision for the pastry of tomorrow.