Culinary & Management Training Fees

Tuition fees


The programme is designed to train ambitious entrepreneurs in the fields of pastry, chocolate, confectionery, ice-cream and baking. There is a 5-month work placement each year.

Location: Bordeaux
Language: French translated live into English
Duration: 3 years or 1 year after a 2-year course
Cost: € 9,900 per annum

Professional Certificate

The Professional Certifcate aims to train professionals to master the techniques of French pastry and confectionary arts. It is a 6-month work-study programs followed by a 2-month optional work placement.

Location: Bordeaux
Language: French translated live into English
Duration: 6 months + 2-month internship (optional)
Fees: € 18,800 per annum

Summer camp

This 2-month intensive course takes place during the summer. It revolves around 4 specialities: pastry, bakery, chocolate and ice-cream. During these 2 months, participants are in complete professional immersion with 7 hours a day in the laboratory.

Location: Bordeaux
Language: French translated live into English
Duration: 2 months
Cost: € 6,150

Registration fees

The registration fee is € 450 for the first year. Students registering before knowing the results of their Baccalauréat-level exams will be offered the choice to either drop their registration or postpone for one year, if their examination results are unfavorable.

Student kit

Bachelor and Professional certificate: students will also be required to cover a sum of € 750 for teaching tools and uniforms.

Payment of tuition fees

Tuition fees are to be paid in advance (minus any deposit paid during registration). Full payment is due before the first day of the program.

Living costs

Accommodation costs are not included in the tuition fees. Students are responsible for finding their respective accommodations. However, to support them in this process, Institut Culinaire de France has partnered with an accommodation research service : LIVIN FRANCE.

Please, note that students can choose to do their internships anywhere in France. Their accommodation budget might vary depending on the city of choice. The cost of living in big cities (Paris, Lyon, etc.) tend to be 30% higher than in smaller cities/provinces. Some employers might choose to offer accommodation to their interns but this option is not always available.