Bakery and Pastry model shop

A Concept store made in Institut Culinaire de France

institut culinaire de france
In January 2021, Institut Culinaire de France in association with Pierre Hermé, will open a concept store in Bordeaux : a bakery and pastry model shop. It will be the first ever in France.

Train like professional’s work!

A friendly space to put your creativity and know-how to good use

The training bakery is a learning facility where students face real-life challenges under the supervision of their teachers. It is a space for students to share their taste for creativity and quality. Students are in charge of both production and service, while supervised by teaching chefs. This is an essential step in their training.

Professional-grade appliances

Institut Culinaire de France’s concept store is equipped like a professional bakery-pastry kitchen. It is equipped with a kneader, a water cooler, a dough divider, an intermediate proofer, a dough moulder, a proofing chamber, a bakery oven, a standing mixer, a dough roller, fridge and freezer cabinets, a pastry oven and a blast freezer. Nothing is lacking!

Opening hours that fit customer needs

It is paramount that students learn to know their target customers (KYC) from day one. The Bakery-Pastry training shop is open for most of the day (early morning and late evening), in order to match consumer shopping habits. The bakery-pastry training shop remains open at lunch time, serving snacks and light meals.

Compliance with health regulations

Like any professional bakery, the store complies with all health and safety regulations applicable to public establishments. Similarly, the production area and pantry are also regulated and inspected by the appropriate authorities. 

The same product range as a real bakery, with a dash of creativity!

A traditional baking foundation

Kneading the dough, fermentation, shaping, oven loading and unloading, baking ... Institut Culinaire de France’s students will learn and practice all the steps of bread baking in accordance with professional standards.

A wide range of products

Traditional bakery specialties will be proposed: baguette, special breads (rye and corn breads, wholemeal ...) and also pastries (pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins, cravates, brioche buns ...), cakes (black forest gateau, religieuses, éclairs, baba au rhum) and snacks (sandwiches, pies, pizzas, quiches ...).

Original creations

What makes our establishment a "concept store" rather than a traditional bakery-pastry shop is that students will also devise and sell their own original creations, whether cakes and pies or jams and desserts. A store to meet any epicure’s desire for novelty!

Useful information

Institut Culinaire de France’s concept-store
44 rue de la Faïencerie, Bordeaux