Institut Culinaire de France opens its Bakery and Pastry arts school at La Faïencerie, in Bordeaux

Institut Culinaire de France opens its school in Bordeaux
15 May 2019
institut culinaire de france
Institut Culinaire de France will open its first campus in Bordeaux in 2020. Bakery, pastry, creativity, and management for the new regional school.

La Faïencerie, a historic industrial building

A former pottery factory, La Faïencerie is a building with a strong character, combining the industrial architecture of the 19th century with modern fittings. Located in Bordeaux's city center, this is a dynamic student district close to the Bassins à Flot docks and to the new Chaban-Delmas bridge. Right by the tram stop: Les Hangars.

Opening in 2020, the Bordeaux campus will welcome 560 French and international students as well as 500 adults seeking further education. Institut Culinaire de France will offer training programs in baking, pastry, chocolate and confectionery arts management. 

A welcoming hub for the greatest professionals in the bakery and pastry industries

To execute its educational project, Institut Culinaire de France relies on an exceptional faculty of industry professionals, coming from the most prestigious houses, also distinguished in renowned culinary competitions. They are a major asset to our students and equally, our associate starred chefs and leading world-class culinary establishments.

High-end facilities to foster the best training environment

Institut Culinaire de France will offer its students high-end facilities located in a fully renovated building over 4,000 m2. Facilities will include six training kitchens fully equiped for chocolate, confectionary, ice cream, pastry and baking; along with six classrooms for class sizes up to 12-16 students maximum.

A bakery-pastry model shop with daily opening hours

In order to gain hands-on experience in a professional environment and to get to know customers, students will take shifts in the school's concept store.  This bakery-pastry model shop will be open daily, a first of its kind. Traditional bakery and pastry specialties will be on offer along with students' own original creations, produced under strict professional requirements (health and safety, regulated ingredients, best-before dates, etc.).

Useful information

Opening 2020
Institut Culinaire de France - Bordeaux
44 rue de la Faïencerie, 33300 Bordeaux, France

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