Artisan Chocolatier-Confectioner

The artisan chocolatier-confectioner invents and makes products made from cocoa and sugar. They are responsible for the entire production and marketing chain of chocolates and confectionery: from the choice of raw materials to preparation, filling, baking and decoration, packaging and marketing.

The chocolatier-confectioner artisan monitors the quantities of cocoa, sugar, milk or cream, alcohol, almonds and hazelnuts, which are their basic raw materials. They are aware of the precise reaction of their products to heat. They have mastered the techniques of tempering, dipping, enrobing and various cooking techniques.

They follow very strict hygiene rules for the making of products as well as for the maintenance of their equipment and premises.

In parallel with all of this know-how and technical knowledge, the artisan chocolatier-confectioner must be creative in their research for new forms and aesthetics. They must also be attentive to their clients’ expectations in order to serve them in the best way.


The artisan chocolatier-confectioner works in the sectors of industry, retail and for international hotel chains. They can also establish their own brand and chain of shops.


Manual skills, attention to detail, aesthetic sensibility, creativity, business sense



At the beginning of their career, a chocolatier-confectioner can expect to earn the minimum wage. Once they have acquired more experience and proven their skills, they can earn between 1500 to 1600 euros per month. If they set up their own business, an artisan chocolatier-confectioner will become an artisan-retailer. They will then be able to earn a salary ranging between 3000 to 4000 euros per month.