French Professional

cous patisserie francaise
Graduation School diploma
Duration: 6 months + 2-month internship
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The French Professional Pastry Certification program is geared towards international professional pastry chefs and students seeking additional training at different levels (Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced). This program is also suitable for people seeking career changes.

This 6-month intensive program ofers a work-oriented foundation in French pastry. It also includes French language lessons to better prepare our students for their 2-month internship with a pastry chef.

The 12 modules of "Pastry Made in France" covers the essential techniques of cake and pastry making, receiving ingredient deliveries and executing recipes. Our students also learn how to comply with health, safety and traceability standards.

Formation Pâtisserie
Formation Pâtisserie
Formation Pâtisserie

Our teaching team

zakari benkhadra
Zakari Benkhadra
Managing Director
zakari benkhadra
kyung ran baccon
Kyung Ran Baccon
Executive Pastry Chef
kyung ran baccon

Opening in January 2020.

Admission école de pâtisserie


This program is open to candidates with strong motivation and to people with previous work experience (job seekers, those changing careers...).


An application request must be made through the website. Within the next 48 hours, the candidate will receive an invitation for an interview, either in person or video-conference (Skype). The candidate will be informed about the results following the interview.


A registration form will be sent to successful applicants. The form must be filled and returned to Institut Culinaire de France within 30 days, along with required documentation.

Visa application

Once his admission is confirmed, the candidate will be issued an acceptance letter. This letter is required for his visa application in the French consulate in the applicant’s respective country. According to French law, any stay longer than 90 days requires a long-term visa. However, depending on his nationality, a visa may be required for any length of stay. This procedure might take a considerable amount of time. Therefore, we advise the future students to start their visa application upon the receipt of their acceptance letter.