Institut Culinaire de France - Paris

Pastry - Bakery - Sweet Arts Management / Opening 2021

Ecole de cuisine à Paris
Institut Culinaire de France in association with Pierre Hermé will open the doors of its Paris campus in 2021, in a mansion located in the royal city of Sceaux. It will offer training programs in cuisine, baking & pastry arts management.

Sceaux: city of Parisian heritage

Institut Culinaire de France Paris campus will be located in the famous town of Sceaux, known for being the fiefdom of Louis XIV's finance minister, Jean-Baptiste Colbert. Located less than 10 km from Paris, this cuisine and confectionery arts school is set in a choicy location on the capital's doorstep. Hosted in the recently refurbished and extended Château de l’Amiral. Faculty and students will enjoy life in a reinvigorated neighborhood, designed to provide a high living standard to both locals and tourists, boasting of new pedestrian spaces and shops.

Cuisine and sweet arts training

Cuisine and confectionery arts programs will open in 2021. Yearly, it will welcome 560 French and international students as well as 500 adults seeking further education. It will also offer training programs in cuisine, baking, pastry and management.

First-class teaching facilities

In Sceaux, Institut Culinaire de France’s upscale facilities will include: training kitchens certified HQE for chocolate, confectionery, ice cream, pastry and baking; along with classrooms for class sizes up to 12-14 students maximum.

To execute its educational project, Institut Culinaire de France relies on an exceptional faculty of industry professionals, coming from the most prestigious houses, also distinguished in renowned culinary competitions. They are a major asset to our students and equally, our associate starred chefs and leading world-class culinary establishments.

Student services

Institut Culinaire de France, Bordeaux offers a wide range of services and personnel to support its students throughout their training.

Social spaces:

  • A student hall with, a cafeteria-style restaurant
  • A gathering space for the Students' Union.

Digital Services:

  • Created specifically for some programs, individual accounts on the educational platform, BlackBoard
  • Access to a housing search assistance platform.

Financial help: Institut Culinaire de France has partnered with reputable financial service providers to help bolster student access to financial support enabling them to cover, the costs of their training.