Ice Cream Artisan

Artisan ice cream makers devises a wide range of products from scratch : ice cream, frozen desserts, sorbet, speciality products, mousses, frozen cakes, etc. They also plate desserts, prepare edible decorations (sugar and chocolate works), and ice sculpting.

Artisan ice cream makers are in charge of the entire ice cream production process, from the purchase of raw materials (fresh fruit, certified grands crus) to the creation of new flavours and the daily preparation of products.

Compliance with hygiene and food safety rules are essential in this strongly regulated sector. Ice cream makers must know and master techniques such as pasteurisation, ripening, homogenisation, cooling, freezing and hardening (for ice cream at -17°C). If they have their own production area, products must be stored at -23°C.

Finally, artisan ice cream makers manage production and stay up to date with research and development. This is a highly technical and creative craft.


Artisan ice cream makers can work in the production area of an artisan company or be hired by caterers, tea rooms, pastry shops or restaurants. With enough experience, an ice cream maker can start or take over a business and become a provider to restaurants or large brands.


Creativity, compliance with procedures/regulations, aptitude for using high-tech tools, sales talent.


Bachelor Ice Cream & Entrepreneuship (3 years)


Junior ice cream makers salaries start around the minimum wage (SMIC). Depending on the season and the region, the monthly salary range for seasonal ice cream artisans are between €1,500 and €2,000 before tax. Established artisan ice cream makers serving loyal industry customers have a significantly higher income.