Lead pastry chef

The lead pastry chef works within a kitchen, for a restaurant, a caterer or a hotel. They are responsible for a section, be it desserts, pastry, viennoiserie or chocolate. In addition to re-producing the recipes created by the main pastry chef, a lead pastry chef manages, one or more pastry chefs who help him/her prepare and re-produce the products they are responsible for.

A lead pastry chef occupies an important position: he/she must demonstrate good technical knowledge and the ability to replicate the recipes entrusted to them by a chef. He/she must also have management skills to lead their team properly. He/she also master the rules of hygiene which are very essential. All of this, requiring good organisation and also sound sense of judgement.

A lead pastry chef usually starts their career as a pastry chef trainee and can later aim to become a sub-chef and then, with further experience, a main pastry chef.


A lead pastry chef works within a kitchen brigade. He/she rank higher than pastry junior trainees and than junior pastry chefs. A lead pastry chef is managed by the main pastry chef and sometimes the sub-chefs.


Accuracy, creativity, organisation, compliance with procedures/regulations, management skills.


Bachelor's degree in Pastry & Business (3 years)
French Pastry Professional Certificate (6 months)


The salary range for lead pastry chef positions range between €1,800 and 2,800 per month before tax. This salary base may increase depending on the experience, the skills and the creativity of the Chef but also on the prestige of the establishment they work for (starred restaurant, luxury hotel, etc.)