Pastry maker

Pastry makers specialise in making desserts and cakes. They can prepare elaborate cakes, pastries, and biscuits. They might be further trained in viennoiserie, ice cream, chocolate, and confectionery. Some artisan pastry makers are also bakers.

A pastry chef is in charge of the entire production process, from devising the recipes to the planning, the plating and packaging, through all stages of ingredient preparation and cooking.

Pastry is a craft that requires creativity, sound knowledge of ingredients, a great attention to detail and a great experience acquired from Talented Chefs.


A pastry maker can work in pastry shops, bakeries, restaurants or even with caterers. They can also be employed by agri-food companies to create recipes.


Attention to detail, creativity, compliance with procedures/regulations.


Bachelor's degree in Pastry & Business (3 years)
Vocational retraining/CAP in Pastry (6 months)


Junior pastry chefs salaries start around the minimum wage(SMIC). Experienced pastry maker salaries can reach up to €2,300. Self-employed pastry makers will be able to earn a higher income depending on the success of their business.